Global Network


At the root of all human innovation is an idea. This is how the concept of "Ideas Faster", the motto of KST Internationale Logistik GmbH, came about. It stands for inventiveness, innovation, flexibility and speed.

There was a need to close the gap between the services offered by multinational forwarding enterprises and transport groups, and the real needs and individual concerns of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of goods for transportation – without making such SMEs worse off financially.

The ingredients necessary for this are to be found, among other things, in the expertise and motivation of the personnel, a fully developed network of partners and agents, the bundling of capacities, e.g. by means of "preferred carriers" and innovative technology which permits the optimisation of fixed costs.

Naturally, part of the “Ideas Faster” concept is business conduct, which everyone expects but not everyone manages to deliver. Furthermore, we regard the sale of our services as more of an advisory service, incorporating our existing expertise and innovative ideas in order to give the customer a cost-benefit advantage.