Global Network

KST Internationale Logistik GmbH

Our company was founded in 2009 and is currently represented by its offices in Stuttgart, Munich and Bremen.

KST in brief:

  • KST offers an exclusive global network of partners
  • KST is a private limited company registered No. HRB 180714
  • KST meets all regulations by the European and German Federal Aviation office
  • KST is signed in by the IATA/CASS membership
  • KST is registered at every customs office within the EC
  • KST is one of the leading logistic providers in the solar industry
  • Regulated agent certification [Reglementierter Beauftragter – RegB] by the Federal Aviation Office [Luftfahrt Bundesamt]

Our customers primarily operate in the solar/photovoltaics, mechanical engineering, automotive, textile, medicine, merchandising, industry and commerce, and electronics sectors. We act as a mediator between partners, airlines, shipping companies and our customers.

Our Warehouse size:

Total 90.000 sqft
High Rack 50.000 sqft
Bulk Area 15.000 sqft
Solar Section 12.500 sqft